Två personer sitter på avstånd från varandra på ett nedfallet träd.

The information campaign "Together we protect each other"

Region Blekinge is now conducting the information campaign "Together we protect each other". The aim is to disseminate the Advice of the Swedish Public Health Agency and draw attention to the importance of us all continuing to follow the advice to protect each other from the corona virus.

The campaign is based on the various advice given by the Swedish Public Health Agency, such as staying at home if you are sick, keeping your distance from others and washing your hands frequently and carefully with soap and water. The campaign will be marked in different ways, on social media, on websites, on information boards, in buses and in the media. Here we fill up with campaign material.


Please help spread the advice by printing and putting up the posters in appropriate places.

Photos to social media

Movies with Blekingeresidents

Peter Kullring, pensionär

Agnes och Märta

Tomas Deutgen, dansbandsprofil

Emina Kovacic, stadsarkitekt Karlshamns kommun

Leif Pettersson, pensionär

Per Brunberg, bonde

Elize och Oscar, skyddsvakter på Marinbasen