Sepa Sama

Sepa Sama is an architect, researcher, photographer and explorer. His journey has started in Iran continued to the USA and Europe! His transdisciplinary work focuses on architecture, art and urbanism and their relationships. He collaborates with different professionals across the fields to experiment and to formulate new possibilities! Currently, he is working on small cities in the global context in the face of displacement.

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Sepa Sama
Sepa Sama
Sepa Sama


Master of Architecture and Urban Design, 2011
Student and Research Assistant of Thom Mayne and Karen Lohrmann
at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Post-Professional Degree

Bachelor of Architecture, 2008
Student and Teacher Assistant of Michael Rotondi and Orhan Ayyüce
at Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-arc), Los Angeles, California, Professional Degree

Selected works

Crossroads Project #3 at The World Gdańsk Reunion, Poland, 2018

Isfahan Collage at The World Gdańsk Reunion, Poland, 2018

Project leader of the Crossroads Project 2.0: Reflection in Norrtälje Konsthall Museum , 2017

Project leader of the Crossroads Project at the Make a Change exhibition, Ronneby, Sweden, 2016

Researcher, upcoming book that deals with Design and Computation , Washington DC, 2016

Researcher and Architect, Think Tank Transbaltic , Baltic Sea Countries, 2016
Explorer, walking 50 million steps in search of new ideas and direction in Blekinge, Sweden, 2016

Lecturer and Instructor at BTH University, Interaction Design, Karlshamn, Sweden, 2015

Design of Think Tank Transbaltic Research Wall, Kulturcentrum, Ronneby, Sweden, 2015

Documents and Voices, Storefront Opening, San Francisco, 2014

Researcher on Arts and Culture, Siamak Pourzand Foundation, 2014

Prozac Photography Art Exhibition, London, 2014

Installation of Fallen Dream at Taipei Neihu Residence, Taiwan, 2014

Studio is the Medium #3: Red Carpet & Black Dandelion , San Francisco, 2014
Researcher in Design, Guillin Mosque, China, 2013

Telegraphy Show, University of Oregon, 2012

Reader at the Resistance in the Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, 2012

Culture Now Project at Little Tokyo Design week, Supra Studio Container Gallery, Los Angeles, 2011

Studio is the Medium #2, Opening: Process of a book at Sepa Sama Studio, Los Angeles, 2010

Studio is the Medium #1, Opening: How to work? Los Angeles, 2010

Designer, Bridge-Museum Competition, Venice, Italy, 2006

Light Installation, Architecture department at Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, 2002

Researcher and Designer, New Approach to Tehran’s Trash Collection System, 2000

Photographer, Workers and Construction, Site of 9,000 unit Housing, Tehran, 1999

Selected publications and press

Interview with Elin Thornberg in BLT Newspaper , Blekinge, Sweden, 2016

Co-Editor and Photographer of the booklet, Think Tank Transbaltic in Finland , 2015

Co-Editor and Photographer of the book, Apathy , 2014

Interview with Katie Bruhn at The City and the Global Arts in San Francisco , 2013

Co-Editor of the book, Confronting the Clash: The Suppressed Voices of Iran , 2013

Landscape Urbanism, The Culture Now Project , Merced, California, 2012

Scenario Journal, Culture Now Project: High Speed Small Town, 2011

Research Assistant, Thom Mayne’s book: Combinatory Urbanism , 2011

Researcher, UCLA’s book, Culture Now Project , 2011

Researcher and visual artist, UCLA’s Supra Studio Newspaper: Culture Now , 2011

Researcher and writer, UCLA’s Supra Studio Newspaper: Culture Now , 2010

Selected Academic and Independent works of Sepa Sama , Issuu, 2009

Design submission of Arquitectum’s Venice, Senses Magazine, Issue 2, Vol 2, 2007

Entry of Malta International Airport’s Artistic Installation, The Sunday Times, 2006

Researcher, book: Caravansaries , SBU’s Ganjnameh, Yazd, 2003

Selected awards

Graham Foundation Grant, 2011

UCLA’s Fellowship for Graduate Studies, 2010


Tel: 070 – 998 90 30