About Region Blekinge

Organizational idea

Region Blekinge’s organizational idea describes what kind of operation we are running, who we serve and what we want to accomplish with our organization: Region Blekinge is leading the development towards a more attractive Blekinge that offers a good living environment for its residents, businesses and visitors.


The vision of Region Blekinge is a snapshot of the kind of future we desire. This vision is a helpful tool, a guideline for us to make the right decisions.

The vision of Region Blekinge is: The best environment for sustainable development and healthy living.

The concept of a living environment shows that it is our resident’s perspective and opinions that guide us. Region Blekinge works in the best interest of its residents. We strive to improve the living environment for every individual and create the conditions that make it possible for each person to take responsibility for their life.

Region Blekinge has an important responsibility for long-term improvements in the health of the population. Promoting good health is an important component in achieving our vison of the best living environment for sustainable development and good health. Successful pre-emptive and health promoting efforts eventually lead to a better quality of life, reduced costs associated with healthcare and a more effective use of societal resources.


The mission of Region Blekinge is to: promote a sustainable development throughout all of Blekinge. Our areas of responsibility are health and medical services, regional development, infrastructure, public transportation, culture and education.


Our values are based on a humanistic perspective that safeguards and respects the equality of all people.

Our values have their foundation in three guiding principles: commitment, cooperation and quality.


We are committed and dare to think differently. Our commitment is stimulated by an open and creative environment where new ideas and solutions are evaluated and put to the test. Everyone’s voice is heard and their various skills are utilized. In our meetings with others, you will notice how our dedication shows itself through our curiosity, interest and willingness to fulfill the needs of others and strive for solutions together. We show our commitment by actively participating in the work process and seeing to it that things move forward. We are generous and share our experiences and abilities in order to achieve better results. We trust in one another and offer support to each other.


We are adept at cooperating both inside and outside of Region Blekinge. A good cooperation where each individual has the opportunity to contribute with their own unique skills and abilities makes it possible for us to use all the potential that exists within our organization in the best way possible. Good cooperation means having the ability to put yourself in someone else’s situation and see the world from their perspective. When we are confronted with a problem or issue, then we work in a holistic manner. What that means is that we work together to find solutions to the situation without any consideration to whose responsibility it may be. By creating an understanding for the context of the situation and what the mission entails we are able to gain clarity and each and every one of us takes responsibility for the issue as a whole.


We work in a manner that ensures that our organization is grounded in high quality and professionalism, where we create value for the people that we work for. Quality requires that we work in accordance with the best knowledge that is available to us and from our proven experience. To work towards assuring quality also means that we must make ourselves available and present our best side to others. We see, hear and acknowledge those that we come into contact with and show them empathy and respect. Our work is focused on development where we continuously evaluate what we are doing as a way of improving our organization as much as possible. In our development work it is necessary to be tenacious and confident. By creating an environment that inspires creativity, we strive to be on the cutting edge of development.

Political organization

  • Region Blekinge is a politically run organization.
  • The Regional Assembly is the highest decision-making body.
  • The Regional Assembly consists of 57 elected representatives.
  • The Regional Council is in charge of enacting the decisions made by the Regional Assembly.
  • The Regional Council consists of 15 delegates.

Public official’s organization

  • The Regional Director is responsible for the Public Official’s organization.
  • Region Blekinge consists of one administration.
  • Over 5 000 employees and more than 150 different occupations.

Leadership and goals

The regional plan and budget are Region Blekinge’s most important political policy documents and describe what it is that Region Blekinge will be working with during the coming years and under what financial framework that will be available to them. The direction of the regional plan is based upon Region Blekinge’s mission, vision and strategic goals and values.

The Regional plan is decided on by the Regional Assembly and aggregates the general vision and strategic goals of Region Blekinge together with the direction and focus of the organization.

From the regional plan it is possible for the Council and the Board to realize their mission, make it tangible and set goals for the annual organizational planning.

The Regional plan is valid for three years but the goals are re-evaluated every year.

Each year, the Regional Board makes a decision regarding the budget.

The Regional plan can be found on regionblekinge.se (in Swedish)

About Blekinge

  • Blekinge has approximately 160 000 residents
  • Five municipalities: Karlshamn, Karlskrona, Olofström, Ronneby and Sölvesborg. Karlskrona municipality is the largest one.
  • Sweden's smallest Province in area (after Öland)
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